Realtime Network Bandwidth Monitor

Monitor the exact bandwidth usage by your mac. Trusted by thousands of tech enthusiasts.

Configure as you want


You can easily configure your display option. It does what it promises. Nothing more, nothing less. No memory, CPU, weather reports blah blah! No bullshit.

Mac Bandwidth Monitor

Users love Watch Net Speed

It is one of the best Internet Speed Meter for Mac. It stays on your menu bar. Track Network Speed right in the menu bar.

Subhashree Chakraborty 5
Freelance Graphics Designer

It simple to use. Basically I had to do nothing. I installed and it works from there. Shows my network speed.

Catalin Chelariu
Editor |

Simplicity was clearly the primary goal when developing this tool, as you can start using it in just a few seconds. Once launched, the download and upload meters will be visible in the menu bar, with down and up arrows for easy identification.

Track Network Bandwidth Usage

Learn how to Reduce Bandwidth Usage On Your Mac. Track when a hidden app starts downloading something in the background.

Monitor unwanted bandwidth usage on your MacBook.