Watch Net Speed | Mac Menubar App to monitor internet bandwidth speed | Mac Network Speed Monitor menu bar
Watch Net Speed - Simple, realtime network speed monitor for Mac | Product Hunt

Watch Net Speed

Simple yet Powerful, Real-Time Network Bandwidth Monitor for your Mac.

It's the best app to monitor real time internet bandwidth in the menu bar. Yes it is crazy fast.

Downloads 1100+

Simple and elegant

It does what it promises. Nothing more, nothing less.
No memory, CPU, weather reports blah blah! No bullshit.

4 Different modes

Whether you want to watch only the download speed or you want to see the combined bandwidth.

Watch Net Speed covers both.


You can even choose different arrow symbols for download and upload network speed.

Watch Net Speed is a menubar app which shows realtime network speed. You can just keep an eye on your Mac's menubar to understand your network bandwidth. Yes, It's fun.

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